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Vocational Training - The Hare approach.

The pace of the Business needs are shifting from slow & steady to fast & perfect. Steadiness at the cost of slow-moving and the perfection that is slow are out dated.

For example let's look at Aesop's tale of the Tortoise and the Hare? I guess the Moral no longer applies in today. Because Times have drastically  changed since Aesop's tale and in today's scenario both hare and Tortoise would have counted as lost the race because Tortoise was incredibly slow.


The Hare approach.

Today, the majority people try to live like a Hare. Not necessarily they’re arrogant or boasting and challenging turtles  but  they simply want things   FAST.

Obsession for immediate results and instant fulfillment we’re most sold every day... and this makes a perfect sense. How to lose 5 kg in a week without exercises, How to become rich instantly, Instant loan approval and so on that are grabbing every customer's attention.

These  have set our expectations of instant results  and we don’t get them as desired, we get frustrated and quit instantly.


The Tortoise approach

The results we’re looking will rarely come quickly. Even they take that long,  Can we say the results are guaranteed. in most cases the positive results are not worth and doesn't make sense if they take an incredibly longer periods to show up.


  • Whilst I am not entirely ruling out the Tortoise approach, I am lenient towards the Hare Approach.
  • For example 24 hours of vocational training that is well conceptualized and delivered give better and instant results than what a 3 year college could give you especially you look at the time that is taken.
  • I know people who paid 4000$ for a 5 day management program in top B school and became more employable when compared to Graduate and PG programs they have taken for years.
  • My goal is not to undermine the Graduate programs offering a foundation but to highlight the value of vocational training that offer instant and effective results.
  • Try to learn something today instantly.

Author : Ramesh, HR Training Consultant with Learnerspoint,

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